What Is Women’s Training Network?

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Women’s Training Network Vision

Women’s Training Network (WTN) is an initiative of The Gospel Coalition aimed at training women to use the Scriptures well. We equip women to faithfully read, interpret, apply, and share the Word as they serve in every sphere of life to which they have been called: their churches, their homes, their workplaces, their neighborhoods, and their communities.

We aim to do this through regional events called Two-Day Intensives. There are many women’s events that proclaim the Scriptures, bringing encouragement and instruction to women. But the point of Women’s Training Network Two-Day Intensives is not only to proclaim and encourage, but also to help women learn how to ask good questions about the biblical text:

  • What does it say?
  • What does it mean?
  • What is the context?
  • When in the story of redemption did it occur?
  • Does it further any biblical theme?

Our goal is to provide foundations for biblical interpretation and practical tools that help equip women for service.

We believe all women, as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, should be equipped and encouraged in their ability to use the Scriptures. This equipping furthers their personal growth as well as their ability to study and share the Word of God. As we become better students of the Scriptures, we want God’s Word to flow out of us as disciplers, parents, friends, teachers, and women who want the gospel to be known. We pray in this that Christ’s church would be strengthened and that he would be pleased, praised, and glorified.  

About Women’s Training Network

The WTN team is composed of Taylor Turkington, Ann Westrate, and Courtney Doctor, who find great joy in working to plan, train, and execute the work of Women’s Training Network.

Our work is built on three core values: grounded in the Scriptures, centered on the gospel, and equipping women to serve—all for the glory of Christ. These are the foundation for what we do, framing our vision for training women and compelling us to continue. We see God working through his church and are overjoyed to be partnering with local churches to further equip women for the work to which God has called them.

WTN holds three types of events. The first is our Two-Day Intensive, which is our largest event. These events bring multiple tracks of content to a local church or seminary partner, inviting all women to join us for further training in the Bible. Check out our homepage to find a location near you! We cannot wait to see you there. Wondering who should come to these events? See below.

Our second type of event are teacher trainings, which seek to equip experienced Bible teachers, preparing them to instruct on Bible interpretation and exposition in their own contexts and in other TGC events. These are invitation-only events, but you can read more about a recent event that equipped women from Latin America

Our third type of event is our exposition training, which focuses on how to compose and communicate an exposition—a biblical message—from the Scriptures. This event is tailored for women who already teach women in their churches or in other contexts and who want to continue to grow in their teaching.

Who Should Attend a Two-Day Intensive?

Every woman desiring to grow in her understanding of Scripture is welcome and invited to join us for a Two-Day Intensive! We love gathering with women of all ages, ethnicities, background, and experience, because we all benefit as we learn from each other.          

Our training is designed to help women, at various places in their understanding of Scripture, take their next step toward growth. Whether you’re a seminary student, a new Christian, or have been attending or teaching Bible study for years, we have a track for you. We’ve intentionally designed our tracks to be tailored to women with different levels of Bible knowledge and ministry experience. We also recognize that women are called to minister to and serve others in a variety of ways that can change from season to season. So we work to equip women in a variety of ways, from leading studies, to sharing the gospel with co-workers, to teaching our children, and more. God reveals himself through his Word and uses it to instruct us in all areas of life. As we meet with him in his Word, we are better equipped to interact well with our friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and God himself. We hope you can join us!

What Are Tracks?

When registering for a Two-Day Intensive, women will sign up for a particular “track” of workshops based on their interests and experience. Each track will consist of four workshops unified around a single theme. For instance, one track may focus on biblical interpretation skills, another on discipleship, another on understanding the storyline of the Bible, and all four workshops will concentrate on that one theme.

Not only do we offer different types of tracks to choose from, we also offer different “levels” of tracks: Levels 1, 2, and 3. We all come with varying degrees of experience, so, with different levels to choose from, there is something for everyone!

  • Level 1 workshops are not just for beginners! It simply means that this workshop is designed for anyone and everyone, whether or not you have spent a lot of time reading the Bible or serving in ministry.
  • Level 2 workshops may move a little faster through some of the concepts and are geared toward women who have a general working knowledge of the Bible and are wanting to be further equipped.
  • Level 3 workshops are designed for women who have a strong grasp of the Bible and are seeking to expand on the experience and training they already have.
Track Menu

The tracks offered will vary from conference to conference, but this is a list and a brief explanation of some of the possible tracks. Be sure to check out each event page to see what tracks will be offered.

Bible Interpretation (Level 1)

This track covers Bible study methods through a series of sessions, including a basic level story of Scripture, genre work, introduction to the interpretation process, and hands-on practice in groups. This is our foundational track that we believe everyone can benefit from, and we hope you consider attending this one first.

Ministry Practicals (Level 2)

This track is intended for women hoping to be further equipped in practical ways for ministry in the local church. It might include topics like discipleship, how to organize and lead women’s Bible studies, how to facilitate a small group, how to teach the Bible to children, and/or how to do one-on-one Bible readings. This track gets practical about how we use our Bibles to serve others.

The Story of Scripture in Your Ministry (Level 2)

In this track, we will look at the metanarrative of Scripture, and then discuss in each workshop how it influences the way we teach the Bible, the way we disciple women, and the way we share the gospel. We will seek to better understand how biblical theology influences all of our ministry.

Advanced Bible Topics (Level 3)

This track is designed for women who are ready for higher-level workshops. Building on the principles of Bible interpretation, these topics dig deeper into Scripture structure and genre, always showing how individual parts tie to the whole and point to Christ. This track is a good option for women who are already teaching the Bible and want to continue to grow in their understanding.

Where Scripture Meets Your Suffering (Level 2)

This track is intended to look intently at what the Scriptures say about suffering. We want to help equip women to not only walk through their own suffering with biblical hope, but also help them to care for others in the midst of suffering.

Speaking of Jesus (Level 1)

We all want to be ready to tell others the reason for our hope we, but it is not always easy. This track is designed to help women know how to talk with friends, neighbors, and family about the good news of Jesus Christ.

Unity and Dignity (Level 2)

Justice. Race. Reconciliation. Imago Dei. This track will seek to better understand what God’s Word has to say about the value and dignity of all human beings. We will look at the clear call for unity and love and seek to answer questions about how we, as Christians, are to respond.

Making Disciples (Level 2)

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). The command is clear, but where do we start, and what do we do? This track will seek to ask and answer practical questions of how we can all grow in our ability to go and make disciples.

Christ-like Leadership (Level 1)

Leadership in our culture is often about your wielding power and fighting for your vision. Leadership before Jesus is about serving and empowering others. The workshops in this track will focus on how to serve others in the places we have been called to lead and influence.