Why Is “Look Within” a Bad Philosophy?

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In this video, Rebecca McLaughlin explains how looking within ourselves is a functional prison.

I’m not a big traveler. But if you told me I had to stay in my bedroom for the rest of my life, I’d be pretty sad. Firstly, it’s a mess, and that would only get worse. Secondly, there are a few books in my bedroom, but there’s not enough to keep my interest. And thirdly, my room is far too small a place for a human being to live out their adult life.

Compared to looking to the God of the universe, looking within for my philosophy is like staying in my bedroom. If I look to God, I have a whole universe to explore. I have ideas beyond my wildest imagining, and I have love beyond my wildest dreams.

There’s a name for when we make somebody stay in their room for the rest of their lives, and it’s called “prison.” I would not choose that voluntarily.