Why Is Everyone So Tired?

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We’re going to be tired about something. So why not be tired for the cause of Christ?

So begins Ray Ortlund in this roundtable conversation with fellow pastors Darrin Patrick and Ryan Kelly. But in the weeks leading up to Christmas, ministry leaders so easily lose sight of the reason we host the parties, plan the pageants, and rehearse the carols. We’re so tired that we’d love nothing more than to find a nice manger in a quiet stable where no one could find us. This can’t be what God intended for Advent.

Patrick observes that many ministry leaders survive on adrenaline when they’ve long since stopped serving for Jesus. Ortlund responds with a question from a different angle: Why aren’t we energized? The New Testament apostles must have been tired. But look at their joy in spending their lives for Christ! Do you long for biblical Christianity, or do you walk in the flesh without realizing it?

The conversation concludes as these men discuss fear of failure, the exhausting lifestyle of concealment, and why pastors need to kill stuff (really).