Where to Discover Christ in the Old Testament

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According to Jesus, the Old Testament is about him (cf. Luke 24:27, 44; John 5:39-40, 46). But what does that mean? Is he hiding beneath all 23,000 verses, waiting for interpretive magicians to pull him out—tada!—from under each? As followers of the risen Messiah, how do we read the Old Testament and anticipate Christ in a responsible way?

“We often think of Christ as ‘one theme among many’ rather than in his central role of tying together the entirety of the Scriptures,” observes Reformed Theological Seminary (Washington, D.C.) president Scott Redd in an interview with Mark Mellinger. “We must look for broad patterns which the Old Testament authors highlight—patterns which point beyond themselves to him.”

Understanding the unfolding nature of biblical revelation is vital, Redd explains, since the person and work of Christ is progressively revealed over the course of history through all the various genres we encounter in the Old Testament.

Watch the full seven-minute video to hear Redd discuss allegorical interpretation, living in the nation’s capital, and more.

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