What Book about Christianity Would You Give to a Skeptic?

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Sam Allberry recommends two books that have been helpful in explaining who Jesus is and in answering common questions about Christianity.

There are two books I really love at the moments to give people who might be skeptical who might not be Christians.

One is A Doubter’s Guide to Jesus by John Dixon, and it simply walks the reader through who Jesus is. But it does so in a way that is both very well-informed, but very accessible. He looks at what the historical sources teach us about Jesus, how that’s reflected in the Gospel accounts, and how it can only be accounted for in the Gospel accounts. That’s a great book I would give to anyone.

A second book is called Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin. She talks through the biggest questions people have today about the Christian faith: questions about sexuality, about how the Bible talks about violence, about Christianity’s exclusive claims, about all those sorts of things. These are massive issues for today handled with great care, huge amounts of insight, and with very compelling reasoning.

So the Doubter’s Guide to Jesus and Confronting Christianity.