Trillia Newbell on the State of the Race Conversation in the Church

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In this video, Trillia Newbell on the one hand expresses disappointment with those who see no hope for progress or repentance, but on the other hand expresses hope in the prevalence of discussions on race and how to apply the Bible to racial issues in our culture.

Right now in our history, we are more divided than I have seen. I know that we have been divided before, but in my lifetime, we are quite divided.

What discourages me is when I hear Christians speak about race and racial reconciliation with no hope. I’ve heard people say that there is no hope for change, that there is no way that people can change. But if the gospel is true, then there is hope for change. There’s hope for the person who is racist; they can change. There is hope for our church; we can be united. Will there continue to be a struggle? Yes. Until Jesus returns, we’re going to struggle with this, but there is hope. And I pray that our Christian church, people who are Christians, will proclaim to this hope we find in the gospel.

What encourages me is that I am seeing more and more people talk about this. I see people who have never considered what it means that all people are created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27) begin to give that idea more thought. What does it mean that Jesus tore the veil of hostility (Eph. 2:14) and that we can be united? What does that mean? What does that not just mean for the church, but what does that mean for me personally? And it brings me hope and great encouragement to see that people who have not considered these topics begin to look at what it means from the Scriptures. They’re looking from Genesis 1 all the way through Revelation, seeing that God is creating a people for himself. And one day we will see this fulfilled. This desire and heart for unity is what we see in the gospel. One day we’ll see it fulfilled, and people are talking about this in the church with greater frequency today. This dialogue encourages my heart, and I hope it encourages you too.