Thinking Christianly About Immigration

Russell Moore, Edgar Aponte, Rúben Cabrera Tackle Heated Topic

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The subject of immigration undeniably stirs emotions. Bible-believing Christians are often on different sides of the debate, some stressing border security and rule of law while others compassion and outreach to those made in the image of God. Not only is it campaign season in the United States, with political candidates arguing one way or another on how to “fix” the system, but in recent months a migration crisis in Europe has dominated the headlines and hence the need to engage this subject again.

In a new roundtable video sponsored by the ERLC, Russell Moore (TGC Council member and president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission) sits down with Edgar Aponte (director of hispanic leadership at Southeastern Seminary) and Rúben Cabrera (associate pastor at Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City). The 11-minute conversation considers ministering to undocumented immigrants, our primary identity as brothers and sisters in Christ, the application of Romans 13 in this debate, and more.