The Bono Effect and Corporate Worship

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Choosing songs is a pastoral task. The songs we sing and the way we sing them shape the way our congregation understands the gospel of Jesus Christ. In singing, we marry texts and music, communicating truth through a particular aesthetic—a particular cultural lens.

In this second discussion with Isaac Wardell and Kevin Twit, we talk about contextualization and retuned hymns. How does the current climate of mp3s and pop music shape the way the church sings? How can we take advantage of the resources already available to help people to sing? On the other hand, how does context shape the way we make decisions about the songs we sing and the songs we don’t sing?

We also consider Wardell’s provocative question of why church leaders talk so much about contextualization when no matter where you travel, you see them wearing the same clothes and hear the signing the same songs.