Sam Allberry on Whether Churches Should Support Singles Who Adopt

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In this video, TGC editor Sam Allberry explains the urgency not only of adoption and foster care but also for churches to come alongside singles who feel called to adopt or foster.

It’s not going to be right for every single person to think about adopting, but some single people in our churches will be in a position where they can adopt, and they’re going to need help. And so, the church really should support and help people as they seek to adopt.

The sad reality is there are always going to be more children needing adoption than there will be two-parent families who can take them. And so, it’s a wonderful thing if a single Christian is able to adopt, but it’s going to take the backing and support of a church family to do it really well.

Psalm 68:6 says that God puts the lonely in families. And that’s not primarily just talking about a biological nuclear family, it’s talking about the people of God. A single person may be thinking that they can’t do the role of both parents. But with the support of a wider church family, that child should be growing up in a very, very healthy family context.

So I think it’s a great thing for singles to adopt. I think it’s a great thing if the church is helping. And there will be areas where the single person is limited, and the church can help fill those needs. And there will be people in the church who find it impractical to adopt but could really help someone else who does. Adoption should be something the whole church family rallies around and gets behind.

And just to say as well, kids who grow up in families where they’ve been born into the family need the support of the church family too. It’s not a unique category of parenthood where single parents need the church family. All parents need the church family.