Pursuing Gospel-Shaped Worship in Your Church

Shane Barnard, Jared Wilson, and Matt Boswell

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Can we assume that all true churches practice gospel-shaped worship? In one sense, yes. After all, the gospel forms the church and informs what it does. Christians gather together because the gospel brings us together. In this sense, corporate worship is certainly gospel-shaped. But what about pursuing such worship intentionally? Here we can’t be so sure.

So what can churches do to ensure their services are centered around the gospel? What’s the remedy for churches with worship unshaped by the gospel? How can our entire gathering reflect the gospel narrative? Why sing in the first place? With these questions and more in mind, Matt Boswell (pastor of ministries and worship at Providence Church in Frisco, Texas) sat down with Jared Wilson (director of content strategy at Midwestern Seminary and managing editor of For the Church) and Shane Barnard (one half of the musical duo Shane & Shane). In this eight-minute discussion, these leaders consider what churches can do to more deliberately make corporate worship gospel-shaped.

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