Other Than the Bible, What Book Would You Give to a Skeptic?

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In this video, John Onwuchekwa suggests “Making Sense of God” by Tim Keller, a book that addresses people who strongly doubt that any version of religion or faith makes sense or has anything of value to offer the contemporary world.

The following is a lightly edited transcript. Please check video before quoting.

Making Sense of God by Tim Keller. I love what he does in that book because he just starts off and helps us see there’s no empirical way to prove that God exists but there’s no way to prove that God doesn’t exist. Instead of spending a bunch of time trying to prove the existence or the non-existence of God, what you have to do is take these worldviews out to their implications and conclusions, and at the end of the day, see which system actually works best for life.

And I think once you do that, you’ll start to find that the implications or the conclusions that come from a world without a God actually presents a pretty shaky foundation where we lose all of the things that provide us the safety that we want, the moral obligation, and the dignity and worth of all mankind. So, Tim Keller does an excellent job of taking these worldviews out to their conclusions so that we can make a decision based on their conclusions.