‘Meg Is Not Alone’: Read-Along Picture Book

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Megan Hill reads Meg Is Not Alone, a TGC Kids book that teaches children the importance and blessing of the local church.

God lovingly gathers his people into a wonderful community—the church. The local church is made up of individuals who respond to God’s love by worshiping him together and caring for one another.

In this picture book, Meg’s parents accidentally leave her at church after the morning service, which makes her feel scared. But Meg is not alone. Various people in the church stay with her until her dad returns. These church friends care for her by giving her things like tissues, cookies, and storybooks, and she learns how to be a church friend to others.

With easy-to-understand language and colorful illustrations, this children’s book highlights Jesus’s command to “love one another,” showing kids ages 3–7 that God has provided the local church to be their loving community.

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Download a fun free worksheet to make it easy for kids to meet new church friends!