Make God’s Word Your ‘Thing’

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Kicking off this final video installment on biblical authority and interpretation, Tim Keller adds a word about application. His strength is bringing the Bible to bear on modern culture. Indeed, effective preaching connects to listeners in this world, then draws them into the world of the Bible, and finally brings them back to the present day to live what they’ve learned. In this process, good teachers wrestle both with the biblical text in front of them, as John Piper has commended, and also explore the world behind it, as Don Carson has reminded us.

As this four-part video series concludes, don’t miss their parting words for pastors who handle God’s Word. You’ll be tempted to carve out a niche that sets you apart from other teachers. The danger is that you’ll become known for this “thing”—a helpful catchphrase or burst of spiritual insight, for example. Instead, seek to leave a legacy of God’s Word as your one and only thing. Cultivate respect for the whole counsel of God. Aim to leave behind an infectious passion to study the Bible and live in light of all its teaching.