What Logical Inconsistency Should Shake an Atheist?

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It’s not so much that logical inconsistency should shake an atheist’s confidence. It’s that logical consistency should shake an atheist’s confidence. Why should there be such a thing as a rationally ordered, rationally comprehensible universe? And why should this two pounds of gray matter have any purchase on ultimate reality? If my brain, as the atheist would say, is purely the outcome of processes that favor just reproduction and survival, why should my brain be able to access the mysteries of the cosmos or the depths of human rationality?

Why should the world be like this, and why should my human mind actually be able to access logic? In the beginning of John’s Gospel, it says, “In the beginning was the Word,” the Logos. And he came into this world, Jesus. And in consistency with himself, he gave himself for us. Here is a Logos, a logic that we can truly trust.