Julius Kim on Why You Should Believe in Jesus

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Editors’ note: 

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In this video, Julius Kim explains that we should believe in Jesus because he is the resurrection and the life.

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Why should you believe in Jesus? Because, simply put, he is the resurrection and the life. When God created the earth, he created everything good, and the greatest thing in all creation was man. And he gave the world to man to run it, to rule it, to rule under his care. But, unfortunately, man didn’t want God to be the king over all, so now we have human running the world according to their own way of thinking, the way of life, and that’s what brought death and suffering into this world because mankind wanted to rule life apart from God.

Thankfully, God had a solution for the problem of sin and death that mankind brought into this world, and that was his Son, Jesus. Jesus, the perfect man, the perfect God, came, lived the life that we ought to live in perfect holiness, without sin. But he also died our death on the cross, taking our punishment and placed on the cross. And so now, because of him, we have the hope of resurrection and life eternal because there’s more to this life here. Because of God and what he’s given to us in his Son, the resurrection and life, we have hope.

Essentially, there are only two choices. Either continue to run life your own way as your own little god, with all the suffering and misery that that brings, or you commit yourself to the Father through the Son. You believe in Jesus. You trust in what he’s done for you, both his death on the cross and a sinless life, and then you become a child of God once again.

So why should you believe in Jesus? Because he’s the resurrection and the life.