How Your Church Can Grow in Evangelism

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If you’re a church leader who doesn’t excel in personal evangelism, can your congregation still enjoy conversion growth? Or if you have been particularly gifted by God to lead others to Christ, do you know how to teach others to follow your example?

Three pastors who have welcomed many new believers into the kingdom of God talk together in this 10-minute video about how churches can grow in evangelism. They discuss, for example, why new Christians are so zealous in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. Darrin Patrick shares colorful stories about how he preached the gospel to his friends in the middle of wild parties. But he also explains what happened when he made the mistake to assume everyone else is extroverted like him.

Matt Chandler describes the culture of evangelism at The Village Church as “come and see.” Christians want to bring their friends to church because they know the pastors will preach with special attention to unbelievers. After asking Darrin and Matt most of the questions, Mark Dever explains his regular evangelism routine. How can you, likewise, ensure regular contact with those who need to repent and believe in Jesus Christ? You may learn some tips from Mark, who regularly walks around his neighborhood and tries to visit the same places (banks, barber shops, restaurants) to build relationships with non-Christians.

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