How to Raise Up Leaders in the Church

Is leadership development biblical or simply borrowed from the business world?

That’s the question that launches a fascinating discussion on leadership in the church among pastors Andy Davis, J. D. Greear, and David Helm. In one sense leadership is simply another way of saying how to multiply influence for the sake of Christ. And everyone has been gifted by God to spread the gosepl and build up the church. But in another sense, not everyone has been specifically gifted as a church leader, so pastors must keep an eye out for men who have been called to vocational ministry. Greear cautions church leaders not to assume, though, that the men on the platform will have the most influence. He observes the pattern of Acts where God works through laypeople in such a way that seems to suggest a certain paradigm for gospel expansion.

Watch the full video to learn from Helm as he recounts the countercultural goals and strategies of Philip Jensen, a renowned minister in Sydney, Australia. Throughout their roundtable discussion you’ll observe the need to keep the Word central in all leadership development as we equip everyone in the congregation to exercise their particular gifting.