How Does the Gospel Answer What the Muslim Truly Longs For?

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In this video, Glen Scrivener explains how Jesus reveals a God that doesn’t just call us to correspond to him in submission but calls us home as sons and daughters.

The Muslims I know they have a laudable desire to correspond rightly to God. Muslims often say, “Allahu akbar,” or “God is great.” They will say, “Inshallah,” or “God wills all things.” They want to submit to that God. That’s what the word Muslim means.

But there are 99 names for Allah. Not one of them is “Father.” Jesus comes into the world, and he claims to be the Son of the Father, full of the Holy Spirit. And he wants to introduce us to God as Father, so that to correspond rightly to God is not merely to submit to God as a slave.

If we come to Jesus, then we get his Father as our Father, his Spirit as our Spirit, and we come to home to a family love. So Jesus called us not just to correspond to God by submitting. We may now come home as a child.