Front Row Seat: Loving the Church

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“It’s the Spirit of Christ that we’re given, and so we have that spirit in us. . . . The strength that Christ received is the strength that we can receive as well.” –– Megan Hill

As pastors’ wives, we have the privilege of serving alongside our husbands to care for our local churches. While there are seasons when we feel confident about our role and where we serve, there are also times when we just don’t know how to answer the question “So, what do you do here?”

Maybe you’ve had opportunities to serve your church in ways that are in line with your interests and spiritual giftings. Maybe you’re in a season where you don’t yet know exactly how to love your church in a tangible way. Or maybe you’ve given everything you have for your local church and feel burnt out, unappreciated, or discouraged.

Amid all these variables, one thing remains true about our calling as pastors’ wives and followers of Jesus—no matter where we serve or what we do, the love of Jesus propels us to love our local church body. As we look to him, may we receive his strength and encouragement, knowing he has gone before us.

In this episode of Front Row Seat, Kristen Wetherell and Kari Olson talk with Megan Hill about how the love of Christ helps us love the local church with grace and humility. Megan is a pastor’s wife and managing editor for The Gospel Coalition. She’s passionate about helping pastors’ wives and believers learn to love the local church and experience one of our greatest privileges and highest joys.

Episode time stamps: 

  • “So, what do you do here?” (00:00)
  • Introduction to Megan Hill (3:40)
  • Intersection of loving the Lord and the church (6:54)
  • Being faithful for the long haul (8:23)
  • Determining where and how to serve (10:13)
  • Serving as a pastor’s wife (12:30)
  • How to model faithfulness (13:47)
  • Doing too much or not being faithful? (15:12)
  • State of our own souls (16:38)
  • Importance of a grateful attitude (18:42)
  • When the church “takes our husbands away” (20:34)
  • Modeling Paul’s love for the church (22:12)
  • For the pastor’s wife who feels discouraged (25:31)
  • Final thoughts from Kristen and Kari (28:10)
Editors’ note: 

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