What Emerging Technologies Should Concern Us?

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In this video, Eden Chen, founder of Fisherman Labs, talks about cutting-edge technology in motion capture and data collection that have nefarious possibilities; however, the problems of phone addiction and social media are present and proven.

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I think the aspects of emerging technology that I’m most worried about. So, I’m not hugely worried about any particular technology. I think my expectation is that people use everything in nefarious ways, and they also use everything to try to maximize their profit. We live, at least in America, in a very capitalistic society. Emerging technologies give people more tools to make money, and those things will be regulated over time.

I’ll give you examples of some of the things that can happen today, and that are emerging. There’s a lot of 3D technology nowadays in motion capture where I could be talking here, and you could see Donald Trump on the screen, or President Obama, or any of these people on the screen saying whatever I wanted them to say based off of some type of mo-cap that I’m using.

If you think the spread of fake news is bad now, if that doesn’t get regulated, people will believe anything that they see. I could make anyone say anything based off of the 3D technology that’s out there today. People have been doing mo-cap in 3D for a long time, but now there’s really no ability to tell the difference between something that someone’s actually said and something that you’re projecting someone else on.

There are also huge privacy concerns. Think about just the amount of data that’s able to be processed now, that previously wasn’t able to be done. Finding dirt about anybody based off of the amount of data that’s out there is rather simple. And governments are using these things to monitor people.

There’s risk from drones being used in nefarious ways. Any emerging technology can be used in a nefarious way. Those things are going to need to be regulated over time, and they will be when things come up that are nefarious, like taking someone and using them and making them say whatever they want to say. So those things will be regulated.

They are concerns, but I think in every age, there’s new technology that comes out that can be used in a weird way. So, it’s not anything specific that is going to be a game-changer. I think probably the biggest thing, in general, is just, we live in a sinful world where people are going to use technology to maximize things. We’ve seen this already through the use of social media. I think that social media has incentivized us to optimize our time, and they use whatever tool necessary for us to be addicted to these things. So we’re already seeing those things happen.

Some of that needs to be regulated. As people are studying phone addiction and social media, and things like that, they’re seeing that there are a lot of negative results of people, being addicted to these devices. We’re already seeing these issues, and they’re only going to increase. Studies are going to need to come out that look at the effect of these tools on people’s lives.