Don’t Fear the Future

Tim Keller, Russell Moore, and Collin Hansen on Finding Hope in a Hopeless World

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The all-consuming campaign of the sexual revolution and individual autonomy marches on. Religious freedom is constrained. Many evangelicals fear the future. What will the world our children and grandchildren grow up in look like? Despite current trends Christians have reason to hope—and a sure and steady place to anchor our confidence—even when it feels like we’re “losing.”

In this new roundtable video, Tim Keller of Redeemer Presyberian Church in New York City and Russell Moore of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission talk with The Gospel Coalition editorial director Collin Hansen about our rapidly changing culture and the vital role Christians still play in it. Rather than being paralyzed by fear, we can help influence our world with the good news of grace. They also consider how we can testify to Christ’s power and whether we should lament what we’ve lost.

What’s happening in our world today will certainly have some adverse effects in the long run. At the same time, though, the church can offer a contrasting vision for life. Culture is changing, yes, but that doesn’t mean Christ’s bride needs to fear. Now is the time for her to keep standing with and staying faithful to her groom.

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