Chasing Comfort in All the Wrong Places

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Where do you turn for relief, for assurance, for security, for calm?

In this new video, Gloria Furman, Nancy Guthrie, and Lauren Chandler consider various places we’re tempted to look for comfort amid a chaotic and uncomfortable world.

“I often want a defined role that provides the comfort of knowing my identity,” Chandler shares. We’re also tempted to search for comfort in the deadly comparison game, Furman adds. Few thoughts are more enticing to ponder than “I do this better than her” or “She thinks I do this wonderfully.”

The advent of social media, Guthrie observes, has unleashed a new array of options when it comes to seeking comfort. As Furman suggests, “Distractions available on the Internet are often geared for women looking for comfort.” If we’re not careful, our “online lives” can easily become pacifiers to dull our pain, relieve our boredom, and fill our emptiness.

When we’re scared or sad, it can be “so much easier to turn to people rather than to God,” Guthrie observes. Make no mistake: the Devil will do everything he can to make his enemy’s Word appear dull, boring, and irrelevant.

Reflecting on the extremely uncomfortable experience of walking alongside her husband, Matt, during his battle with cancer, Chandler remarks how she learned the importance of “finding comfort in the Lord while realizing that wasn’t going to make all the uncomfortable around me go away.”

Watch the full seven-minute video to see these women discuss the appeal of pseudo-comforts, why close friendships can be dangerous, and more.