Alexander Jun on Why You Should Believe in Jesus

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Editors’ note: 

To read more testimonies from around the world about the saving work of Jesus, see Lost and Found: How Jesus Helped Us Discover Our True Selves from The Gospel Coalition.

In this video, Alexander Jun shares how Jesus resuscitated him and brought him from death to life.

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How could you not believe in Jesus? You live your life on the hope that there is a chance that you can save yourself from your sin, and misery, and pain. To think that I was once an enemy of God, the very God who created me, and not only did he create me, but in the midst of my disobedience, he saved me; something that I could not do myself.

No matter how hard I work, or try, or all my best efforts, there is no way that I could save myself. I believe that I’m not just dying in my sin, I am dead in my sin. And a dead person can never resuscitate himself. You need an external intervention. Someone needs to breathe life into me.

So if you’re wondering how you can even answer that question, why should you believe, it is the only hope that you have in eternal life, to believe in Jesus, that he is the way, the truth, and the life. And the only way that you can get to the Father is through the Son. So I hope that you hear this, that you would believe, and embrace the truth of the gospel by faith alone.