Worship in the Church of England

Written by D. E. W. Harrison and Michael Sansom Reviewed By Harold C. Miller

This little book, which is a goldmine for those who want a basic handbook on the development of worship in the Church of England right up to the present day, is a revision by Michael Sansom (Vice-principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge) of D. E. W. Harrison’s earlier writings on the subject, which were a classic in their way. In his revision Michael Sansom adds a detailed description of recent developments, as well as making a number of other welcome corrections (e.g., notably, rejecting Harrison’s view that the threefold ministry of bishops, priests and deacons goes back to the apostles). Those sections written or thoroughly rewritten by Sansom, notably the chapters on the ordinal, are much more lively and relevant than those retained from Harrison with little change, which makes me hope that the whole book, extremely useful as it is already, may one day have a fuller and thorough-going revision.

Harold C. Miller

St John’s College, Nottingham