Written by Paul Copan and Craig A. Evans (eds) Reviewed By Alistair I. Wilson

This book is a variation on a recent theme of published debates between the conservative Christian philosopher/biblical scholar/apologist William Lane Craig and more radical scholars such as J. D. Crossan and G Luedemann on the resurrection of Jesus. It is a variation on this theme because the book is intended to reflect a less confrontational form of communication than debate and is thus styled as ‘dialogue’ between Craig and the Jewish scholar Peter Zaas.

In addition to the dialogue between Zaas and Craig which forms part one of the book, there is a second part, described as ‘reflections’, composed of essays by the following scholars: D.A. Hagner, C.A. Evans, S. McKnight, C. Claussen, H.W. Basser, J. Neusner and B. Chilton. The book may well prove illuminating to readers in a variety of ways. Not least, it is interesting that the title of the book is a question which according to Zaas ‘is not a question that has been of great concern to Jews throughout their history’ (15). In other words, the agenda is a Christian agenda. Zaas laments that Jews are frequently defined by others by what they do not believe about Jesus!

In general, this volume has a more ‘measured’ feel to it than previous examples. In particular, the reflections are non-polemical and well documented. This book does not resolve the differences of opinion between Jews and Christians but it does provide some insight into crucial issues for both contemporary Jewish-Christian relations and our understanding of Jesus.

Alistair I. Wilson

Alistair I. Wilson
Highland Theological College UHI
Dingwall, Scotland, UK