Written by Christopher Green and David Jackman (eds) Reviewed By Andrew Shudall

Eight years after first publication this excellent anthology of essays on the nature of practice of biblical preaching has been refreshed in a new edition. It serves as fuel for thought, reflection, prayer and perhaps repentance for those engaged in teaching the Bible publicly. Its strengths reside in that it is an anthology and not one author on a soapbox. This is a collection of writing from men passionately committed to the teaching of God’s Word and speaking from God’s Word about its proclamation; forcing the reader to examine personal motivation and practice in preparing for and delivery of public Bible teaching.

The anthology was originally published to mark the 70th birthday of Dick Lucas, who has contributed a tremendous amount to raising the standard of Biblical teaching through his godly example to and influence on many of the best preachers of our day. This book remains a great tribute to him and a great gift to those of us who aspire to the God honouring preaching of his Word.

Andrew Shudall