Written by A.J. Hultgren Reviewed By Alistair I. Wilson

Hultgren’s book is intended to be a comprehensive study of the parables of Jesus as they are known from the three synoptic gospels (John’s Gospel contains no parables as they are commonly understood) and also from the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas. It is understandable, but perhaps unfortunate, that Hultgren defines a ‘parable’ as a figure of speech which incorporates a comparison rather than including within the definition the range of speech forms which are identified by the Greek term parabole.

This book contains detailed exegesis of the selected parables, based on the Greek text. The brief ‘Exposition’ sections attempt to indicate the significance of the parables for the Christian church. A ‘select bibliography’ is provided for each parable. These are substantial and up to date. This book will prove to be a useful resource for students, ministers and scholars.

Alistair I. Wilson

Alistair I. Wilson
Highland Theological College UHI
Dingwall, Scotland, UK