The Family: A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home

Written by Jack O. Balswick and Judith K. Balswick Reviewed By Craig Blomberg

Colleagues on the faculty of Fuller Seminary in California, this husband and wife team have co-authored a wide-ranging and scholarly yet readable digest of current literature on theological and social perspectives on family life. Charts and diagrams, and even well-chosen cartoons, amply illustrate and add interest to the text. The Balswicks treat mate selection, early years of marriage, parenting, sexuality, communication, power and empowering, stress, and divorce and remarriage. Secular studies are appreciatively cited but given sensitive Christian critique. The Balswicks’ advice usually proves incisive and quite helpful, though occasionally they fail to note somewhat more conservative evangelical approaches, e.g. regarding divorce and homosexuality, and in at least one instance severe misrepresentation occurs when male headship is equated with authoritarianism (p. 80).

Craig Blomberg

Craig Blomberg
Denver Seminary
Denver, Colorado, USA