Texts, Temples and Traditions: A Tribute to Menahem Haran

Written by Michael V. Fox, A. Hurowitz, A. Hurvitz, M.L. Klein, B.J. Schwartz and N. Shupak (eds) Reviewed By Richard S. Hess

This tribute to one of the leading Israeli Hebrew Bible scholars on Israelite cult and temple worship includes 28 English, two French and thirteen Hebrew essays by scholars on similar and other subjects related to the Hebrew Bible. Like the honouree, the contributors tend towards methods committed to traditional historical criticism. Amongst others included are new arguments for: the priority of the Hezekiah account in Kings rather than Isaiah (Williamson), a defence of the documentary hypothesis of the formation of the Pentateuch over against literary and linguistic analyses that argue the opposite (Friedman), the mention of Ephraim in Jeremiah 30–31 referring to both kingdoms (McKane), Proverbs representing a selective process of royal scribes who recreated their ideal of a village society (Fox) and the Joseph story fitting best in the Egyptian New Kingdom (Shupak).

Richard S. Hess

Denver Seminary, Denver