Sickness and Healing in the Church

Written by D. S. Allister Reviewed By John Arnold

This is a very clear, well thought-out book which asks some very deep questions, for example ‘Does the Bible promise continued good health to the believer?’ (p. 13), and ‘How can our sufferings achieve God’s purposes?’

The author’s answers to these and other issues raised in this book are well presented and biblically answered. In particular his chapter on submission to God’s will is extremely good.

At last someone has had the courage to write that ‘Death or disability may be his (God’s) intention in the short term, but we cannot know that until it actually happens. On each occasion the Christian must struggle to discover and remain within God’s will—never giving in to fatalism—yet at the same time, we can have confidence to rest in the eternal care of a Father who knows what is best for us.’

I warmly commend this book to be read and prayerfully thought through. As a disabled person myself, I found it both challenging and stimulating.

John Arnold