Salt to the World

Written by A. N. Triton Reviewed By Tom Houston

This is a booklet on the Christian and social involvement. It has two main sections. Seven propositions are suggested covering Christian aims and motives in society. Eight further propositions are then advanced to give practical guidance to the person who wants to get involved.

Well written and easy to read, it gives a fresh, provocative and stimulating review of the arguments for Christians becoming socially involved.

The author takes the position that the biblical arguments for Christians to be involved in social and political activity derive from the doctrines of Creation and Providence more naturally than from other theological starting points. There is a useful, if brief appendix showing how much less convincing the argument is if you start from the concept of the Trinity or the Kingdom of God. This makes the book an interesting contribution to the debate about Liberation Theology.

Another turn of phrase that makes an important point is the author’s contention that social involvement for Christians is Post-evangelism rather than either evangelism as social concern is helpfully worked out.

The most controversial part of the booklet is likely to be the discussion of the Christians stance in politics viewed as ‘the art of the possible’. The question of compromise is boldly faced in a way that many will not like. The argument here would have benefited from an extra page or two on the fallenness of man.

Tom Houston

Bible Society, London