Liberating News: A Theology of Contextual Evangelization

Written by Orlando E. Costas Reviewed By Craig Blomberg

Completed just before his untimely death, this volume represents the mature synthesis of the theological reflection and practical experience of one of South and North America’s leading advocates of holistic evangelization. Ranging deftly between English and Spanish language sources, and illustrating his points with numerous examples from ‘two-thirds world’ Christian communities and ministries, Costas convincingly defends the need to call people to personal conversion and faith in Jesus Christ hand in hand with the creation of redemptive social structures (both within and outside the church). A sample of his convicting challenge: ‘When people claim to be born of the Spirit and then icily continue to turn their backs on the outcast and disenfranchised, then it is time for us to ask whether they have been born of the Spirit of the crucified Christ or born of the spirit of the Antichrist’ (p. 82).

Craig Blomberg

Craig Blomberg
Denver Seminary
Denver, Colorado, USA