Written by Brook W. R. Pearson Reviewed By Alistair I. Wilson

This published thesis is a study of selected issues relating to the apostle Paul, drawing on the ‘philosophical hermeneutics’ of Hans-Georg Gadamer. Chapter 1 is a study of Gadamer’s hermeneutics. Chapters 2 is a study of Paul’s letter to Philemon, while chapter 3 considers the contribution of Acts to the study of Paul (concluding that Acts may indeed be used with appropriate care). Chapter 4 considers ‘satire and performance in Romans’ which considers portions of chapters 1 and 6 in particular. Chapter 4 is a study of Paul and James (in which the latter is ascribed his Semitic name, Jacob). The book concludes with two appendices, a bibliography and an index of authors.

Although Gadamer is the constant conversation partner throughout this book, there is sufficient detailed exegesis of the Greek text of the NT to make this wide-ranging study of interest even to exegetes who are less philosophically minded. However, while this book is admittedly very finely produced, the very high price effectively makes it accessible mainly to theological libraries with a fairly healthy budget.

Alistair I. Wilson

Alistair I. Wilson
Highland Theological College UHI
Dingwall, Scotland, UK