Written by Bernard A. Taylor, John A. L. Lee, Peter R. Burton and Richard E. Whitaker (Eds) Reviewed By Alistair I. Wilson

This collection of essays is a Festschrift for Frederick W. Danker, a scholar whose name has become inextricably associated with the standard Hellenistic Greek lexicon, known for years simply as ‘Bauer’ or ‘BAG’ (due to the significant translation and editorial work of Arndt and Gingrich) then ‘BAGD’, but most recently—since the publication of the new edition in 2001—as ‘BDAG’. This volume displays remarkable coherence for a collection of essays, no doubt due to the particular focus of Danker’s work. Not surprisingly, several essays discuss issues relating to BDAG, but others deal with Septuagintal Greek, aspect theory and electronic resources, to name only a small selection of topics. A nice touch in this Festschrift is a reflective essay by Danker himself which opens the main body of the collection. This is a fascinating collection of essays for fairly advanced students and others who have sufficient Greek to deal with technical study of the language and is a fitting tribute to a scholar who has devoted his life to service of the church through helping others to read the Greek New Testament.

Alistair I. Wilson

Alistair I. Wilson
Highland Theological College UHI
Dingwall, Scotland, UK