Be an Expert in Interpreting the Bible

Written by Richard Briggs Reviewed By Tony Gray

Claiming that the book will only take a mere 137 minutes to get through, Briggs here aims to unpack and explain hermeneutics to the un-initiated. If Gadamer, Ricouer, Fish, and Thiselton have proved incomprehensible and irrelevant, then this is the ideal starter for students and nonstudents alike. Briggs has an accessible and light humoured approach which, when used together with examples, demonstrates the excitement that can accompany the interpretation of a text. He covers issues of truth, context, reading, genres, engagement with the text, and different models of hermeneutics (with a particularly fascinating parable of the sausage making machine and the art gallery). The space even permits for a light hearted but honest glossary of terms. This is most obviously a starting point, and will not answer all the problems posed by modern and postmodern hermeneutical theory. However, a great place to start, an excellent example of bridging the academic and church worlds, and a wonderful model to follow.

Tony Gray