Session Content


Fruit that Abides: FAITH

Trillia Newbell

June 16 - 9:30AM | Main Hall

Hebrews 11

Fruit that Abides: HOPE

Rebecca McLaughlin

June 16 - 10:10AM | Main Hall

1 Peter 1:13-25

Fruit that Abides: LOVE

Irwyn Ince

June 16 - 10:45AM | Main Hall

1 Corinthians 13.


Keynote 1 – Melissa Kruger

Noah and the Ark: Salvation Is Needed

June 16 - 4:45PM | Main Hall

Genesis 6:5-8:19

Keynote 2 – Jackie Hill Perry

Ram in the Thicket: Salvation Is Substitutionary

June 16 - 8:00PM | Main Hall

Genesis 22:1–19

Keynote 3 – John Piper

Water from the Rock: Salvation Is Life

June 17 - 9:00AM | Main Hall

Exodus 17:1–7

Keynote 4 – Jen Wilkin

Serpent on the Pole: Salvation Is Gracious

June 17 - 11:10AM | Main Hall

Numbers 21:4–9

Keynote 5 – Nancy Guthrie

Scarlet Cord: Salvation Is for All People

June 17 - 7:30PM | Main Hall

Joshua 2:1-24

Keynote 6 – Courtney Doctor

Sling and Stones: Salvation Is Won by Another

June 18 - 9:00AM | Main Hall

1 Samuel 17:1–54

Keynote 7 – Julius J. Kim

The King’s Table: Salvation Is an Invitation to a Feast

June 18 - 11:00AM | Main Hall

2 Samuel 9:1–13


Round 1

Women’s Work: How to Work (and Rest) With All Your Heart

Jeany Jun, Joanna Kimbrel, Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

June 16 - 1:00PM

How does your daily work—writing emails, attending staff meetings, cooking dinner—connect to honoring God? Join us as we explore how to see the beauty in (nearly) every task, how to steward your time and energy, and how to prioritize when your time is limited.

Aging with Grace

Karen Hodge, Susan Hunt, Susan Alexander Yates

June 16 - 1:00PM

Whatever season of life you’re in, God has equipped you to flourish―to live in the transforming power and beauty of his grace. As we age, we can easily lose sight of this message as cultural ideals glorifying youth take center stage. This session hopes to equip you with a biblical view of aging and remind you that the gospel is "big enough, good enough, and powerful enough to make every season of life significant and glorious.”

Fighting Good Fights

Jen Wilkin

June 16 - 1:00PM

Unity matters. Christ prayed his church would be marked by it. Yet, disunity among Christians abounds, and it’s not always civil in tone. With the Bible’s clear admonitions about foolish controversies and quarreling, how can we know when a fight is worth having? Consider a framework for diagnosing how to pick your battles, and how to conduct yourself when a battle is worth the fight.

Idols that Overpromise and Underdeliver: Outward Beauty, Hookup Culture, and Success

Jen Oshman

June 16 - 1:00PM

In today’s culture, we are influenced by idols that promise purpose and meaning for our lives—outward beauty, dating, hooking up, and the pursuit of success. Christian women aren’t exempt from these temptations either and can even elevate good things like marriage and motherhood to the status of idolatry. In age of counterfeits, let’s remember we were made for so much more.

Risen Motherhood Live: Biceps and Burpees–How Should Moms Think About Fitness?

Emily Jensen, Laura Wifler

June 16 - 1:00PM

Join Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler as they host a live recording of the chart-topping podcast, Risen Motherhood. As part of the greater Risen Motherhood ministry, each episode of the R|M podcast takes a common issue in motherhood, turns it on its head, and discusses it in light of the gospel.

Shame: No Condemnation

Wendy Alsup, Lindsey Carlson, Jasmine Holmes, Courtney Reissig

June 16 - 1:00PM

If we're honest, we all struggle with shame. Sometimes it's shame over our past sins or life choices. Sometimes it's shame over other things, like a desire to fit in or be accepted. For the Christian, shame has no place (Rom. 8:1), but that's easier to say than believe. In this breakout, we will look at our common struggles with shame, root out the lies that shame brings, and look to Jesus Christ who declares us shame-free by his free gift of salvation.

When Strivings Cease

Ruth Chou Simons

June 16 - 1:00PM

When we measure ourselves by performance, approval, and what we can produce, we’ll always feel behind, lacking, and like we’re failing. In this workshop, we’ll explore the extravagant, undeserved gift of God’s grace designed to help us lay down the never-ending quest for self-improvement in exchange for the welcome that Jesus has purchased on our behalf.

When You Don't Have Quiet or Time: Meeting with God in a Busy World

Hunter Beless, Amy DiMarcangelo, Betsy Childs Howard, Irene Sun

June 16 - 1:00PM

It's hard to make time to pray and read your Bible, but vital if you want your relationship with God to thrive. On this panel we will talk about practical ways to carve out devotional time, how to motivate yourself, and how to take steps to rein in busyness before it swallows up the things that matter to you the most.


Round 2

Caring for the Least of These: Immigration and Human Rights

Kristie Anyabwile, K. A. Ellis, Kori Porter, Jenny Yang

June 16 - 2:15PM

The Bible emphasizes our holy and redeeming God meeting people in the margins of society. He drew near the very people that society and the religious elite disdained. What might it look like for us to reflect God’s heart for the “stranger” (Matt. 25:35) in today’s politically polarized climate?

Contentment: A Lifestyle

Lydia Brownback

June 16 - 2:15PM

Content in all circumstances . . . really? God’s Word says yes. But in the midst of hard things—unwanted singleness, an unhappy marriage, infertility, financial hardship, broken relationships, or terminal illness—contentment just makes no sense. Yet the truth is, contentment is meant to be a lifestyle for those in Christ. It all depends on where we look, what we believe, and who we live for.

Creativity, Art, and Our Christian Witness

Caroline Cobb, Mazaré, Ruth Chou Simons, Elissa Yukiko Weichbrodt, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

June 16 - 2:15PM

We were made in the image of a creative and artistic God, but sometimes we still think of art, music, drama, or writing as superfluous. Hear our panelists discuss what counts as Christian art, whether it’s selfish to create art just for ourselves, and how art can be a bridge to reach our non-Christian neighbors.

Marriage: Principles for Building Loving Homes

Collin Hansen, Melissa Kruger, Michael J. Kruger, Jackie Hill Perry, Preston Perry

June 16 - 2:15PM

Marriage is a blessing, created by God for the good of his people. However, as two people live side-by-side, it’s difficult to navigate hardships together. This breakout will explore healthy principles that help couples support and encourage one another throughout various seasons of life together.

Putting Personality and Passion Into Your Teaching

Nancy Guthrie

June 16 - 2:15PM

We all know that some teachers are easier to listen to and learn from than others, and we want to be teachers who are clear and engaging. In this workshop for those seeking to improve their Bible teaching skills, we’ll cover twelve ways to put personality and passion into your teaching without making it all about you.

Suffering, Forgiveness, and the God Who Sees

Wendy Alsup

June 16 - 2:15PM

God gave help to his children in the earliest Scriptures through the stories of Hagar, Joseph, and Job. Job, who suffered more than most we know, gives us words to put to our own lament and despair. Joseph gives hope for flourishing and reconciliation in situations which seem impossible. Hagar, the single mom abused by those in power over her, simply recognized God as the God who saw her and met her in her alienation. God has not left us as orphans to endure suffering on our own. He sees, and His transcendent words speak specifically to the struggles of our daily lives.

Trusting God in a Fearful and Anxious World

Trillia Newbell, Courtney Reissig

June 16 - 2:15PM

Can we trust God when our worst fears come true? When our friendship falls apart, or we get bad news, or in a world filled with uncertainty? Listen in as two friends share hope for real-life issues we all face while learning to trust God in an anxious world.


Round 3

The Art of Perseverance: Suffering with Christ and Each Other

Kristie Anyabwile, K. A. Ellis, Vaneetha Rendall Risner, Kristen Wetherell

June 16 - 3:30PM

Suffering doesn’t paint with one color. Our lived experiences and the story of Scripture testify to its many tints and tones, from childhood trauma to a stubbed toe. How do we hold on when hardships threaten to shipwreck our hope? What can we learn about the art of perseverance from Scripture and from our suffering family in Christ?

Dealing with Doubt: How to Help Others (Or Yourself) Walk Through Tough Questions about the Faith

Michael J. Kruger

June 16 - 3:30PM

Doubt. That's a word many churches don’t want to talk about today. As a result, Christians who are struggling with their faith sometimes have nowhere to turn. They end up dealing with their questions in shame and isolation. In this session, biblical scholar Michael Kruger unpacks the different kinds of doubt, the way doubt impacts our lives, and offers practical steps for how we can help others (or ourselves) deal with the complex questions we face.

Discipleship in Every Season

Amy Gannett, Susan Hunt, Soojin Park, SharDavia “Shar” Walker

June 16 - 3:30PM

We’re commanded to “make disciples of all nations.” But what does life-on-life discipleship look like when you’re buried under a pile of homework or you’re changing your seventh dirty diaper of the day? Whether you’re a college student, a stay-at-home parent, retired, middle aged, or unmarried, the call to make disciples looks different in different stages of life. In this panel, we’ll discuss discipleship in the ever-changing seasons of life and practical ways to make disciples no matter where life has you.

Finding My Father: How to Cling to Your Heavenly Father When Your Biological Father Is Spiritually, Emotionally, or Physically Absent

Blair Linne

June 16 - 3:30PM

Our fathers impact us, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. Sometimes they even impact our view of God. God says through Christ, we are his daughters. Through our spiritual adoption we gain a Father (God) and a family (the church). In this workshop we will think about God as our Father and how our relationship with him and the church helps us navigate the pain of fatherlessness.

Journeywomen Live: Honoring God with Your Bank Account

Hunter Beless, Jen Wilkin, Elizabeth Woodson

June 16 - 3:30PM

Our culture can tempt us either to think that satisfaction is found in aquiring the latest thing or that financial stability is found in embracing a life of simplicity. The pendulum swings widely, both sides claiming that they will bring us peace. But how do we, as Christians, walk in the peace that we have in Christ and honor God with everything he gives us, especially our finances? Christ is worthy of our whole life, including every cent and swipe.

Phones, Folly, and Fruit: Training Our Kids to Tame Technology Usage

Missie Branch, Lindsey Carlson, Christine Gordon, Anna Meade Harris

June 16 - 3:30PM

Proverbs says that folly is loud, seductive, and actively calls out. Today, she’s actively calling our children on their smartphones and tablets. Will they answer or reject her call? Are they prepared to find help? Are their lives bearing fruit? Digital discipleship requires more than internet-filters and time-limits; it requires relational connection and gospel truth. How might God use technology as a gateway to discipleship and spiritual fruit?

Praying Through the Noise

Megan Hill

June 16 - 3:30PM

We all know we should pray, but our own weakness, combined with life in a constantly-connected world, often unravels our best intentions. The noise in our heads and on our screens can be hard to silence—and it threatens our spiritual well-being. In this session, we’ll consider what prayer is, what our attentive God promises to do when we pray, and how we can cultivate a robust prayer life in the midst of worry and distraction.

Taste and See: Toward a Biblical Theology about Food

Irene Sun

June 16 - 3:30PM

Human beings have a complicated relationship with food. The Lord prepares a table before us in Scripture and reshapes our beliefs about food. Come to the table. Taste and see that the Lord is good. God makes us hungry in order to humble us and to teach us that “man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord” (Deut. 8:3).


Round 4

An Open Book: Why What We Read to Our Children Matters

Megan Hill, Betsy Childs Howard, Trillia Newbell, Irene Sun

June 17 - 2:00PM

Reading aloud is more than just a way to pass the time! This panel will consider how reading all sorts of books to children of all ages forms them spiritually, morally, and relationally. We will discuss how to help children develop discernment and how to connect books about the world to what they know about God.

Getting Rid of our Fear of the Book of Revelation

Nancy Guthrie

June 17 - 2:00PM

When it comes to selecting a book of the Bible to study or teach, Revelation is a book that we often avoid. We’re a bit intimidated by it—afraid we won’t be able to understand it, afraid of the controversy that surrounds it, and afraid of the realities it presents in its graphic strangeness. We also know it's a book some people have an unhealthy obsession with. The book of Revelation actually begins and ends with a promise—a promise of blessing for those who hear what is revealed in it and allow that revelation to shape their perspective about what is real, what will last, and who is worthy of worship. In this workshop we’ll look at reasons to invest ourselves in understanding this challenging book and keys that will unlock its meaning and impact.

Let’s Talk Live: Growing in Gratitude

Jasmine Holmes, Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger

June 17 - 2:00PM

Join us for a live episode of Let’s Talk with Jasmine Holmes, Jackie Hill Perry, and Melissa Kruger. In this episode they’ll discuss how to grow in gratitude in the midst of life’s hardships, struggles, and difficulties.

Living Within the Gift of Limits

Christine Gordon

June 17 - 2:00PM

We as productive women tend to push through and fight our limitations. But true rest and trust in Christ comes as we recognize and learn to live with contentment inside our God-given limits including life stages, health issues, and abilities. In this workshop we identify these limits and learn how to trust in God’s sovereign work while living within them.

Mothering On Your Own

Wendy Alsup, Anna Meade Harris, Vaneetha Rendall Risner

June 17 - 2:00PM

Motherhood is a high calling which often exposes our insecurities and weaknesses, and parenting on our own further intensifies them. If you are mothering alone or walking with someone who is, please join us for this candid yet hope-filled panel discussion about the unique challenges and heartaches we faced as single moms, the advice we’d like to pass on, and how God and his Word unfailingly meet us all.

How to Build Healthy Social Media Habits

Amy Gannett, Blair Linne, Karen Swallow Prior, Laura Wifler, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

June 17 - 2:00PM

A lot of the advice we hear about how to use social media—don’t be mean, don’t humblebrag, share Bible verses—is good. But it also doesn’t feel like enough. Social media is a huge beast, and we need more than “set a timer”—as helpful as that is—to help us think about it in a gospel-centered way. Pulling in part from our new book, Social Sanity in an Insta World, these panelists will help us discern what biblical principles we can use to approach social media in a way that gives glory to God.

Whose Justice?

Vanessa K. Hawkins

June 17 - 2:00PM

It's easy to derive opinions from the loudest voices in our cultural moment–whether they are the voices of those injured by injustice or those perpetuating injustice. In sins of injustice the Lord is always the offended party, and it is essential that we understand his priorities concerning justice. In our time together, we will consider how the teachings of the prophet Amos expose the heart of God and help us to think rightly about justice and our response to injustice.

Women and Friendship: Truth-Filled Encouragement

Lindsey Carlson, Portia Collins, Emily Jensen, Jen Oshman

June 17 - 2:00PM

This panel will discuss how to find and foster wise friendships, navigate friendships through life's changes, and troubleshoot common conflicts and misunderstandings in friendship. We will also dive into the ways our friends influence us and how we can influence others for the kingdom. If you need encouragement to find friends or become the kind of friend you've always wanted, this session is for you!


Round 5

Gospelbound Podcast: The Persecuted Church

K. A. Ellis, Collin Hansen, Kori Porter

June 17 - 3:15PM

As Christ's church continues to expand across the world, so does persecution. In this live episode of the Gospelbound podcast, we'll discuss how God's people fight for faith when it can cost their lives. And we'll learn how other Christians can support them in prayer and advocacy.

The Impact of Literature on Spiritual Formation

Karen Swallow Prior

June 17 - 3:15PM

Reading good literature well doesn't just inform us–it forms us. God is the Word and communicates to us through words. Thus, developing our ability to appreciate artfully written words can develop not only our minds, but our hearts and spirits too.

The Secular Creed

Rebecca McLaughlin

June 17 - 3:15PM

Whether we're pointing unbelieving friends to Jesus, raising kids, or talking with extended family, it's vital that we learn to lovingly untangle the claim that "Black Lives Matter" from the claim that "Love is Love," to affirm equality for women while also being womb-to-tomb pro-life, and to love people who identify as transgender while not affirming transgender identities. This breakout will equip us to understand these complex issues better and more biblically ourselves and to talk more helpfully with others.

Teaching Children with Gospel Focus and Educational Excellence

Jared Kennedy

June 17 - 3:15PM

It’s easy to miss the point when you’re teaching kids. Whether you’re using a curriculum you’ve purchased or writing your own, you want your church’s children to see Jesus in what you teach, and you want to teach with awareness about how kids learn. This session unpacks eight questions that will help you prepare a children’s lesson that is Christ-centered, biblically faithful, engaging for kids, and oriented towards practical application.

Teaching for Retention

Jen Wilkin, Elizabeth Woodson

June 17 - 3:15PM

Whether you're teaching a book of the Bible, a doctrine of the faith, or a biblical concept, good teaching tools can help the content stick. Join Elizabeth and Jen for a conversation about best practices for teaching with active learning in view, the kind of learning that translates not just into knowing, but into being and doing.

Unity in the Midst of Diversity: A Conversation

Missie Branch, Portia Collins, Jen Oshman, Jenny Yang

June 17 - 3:15PM

Unity amid diversity is sometimes viewed as an incompatible concept, but God's Word shows us differently. The beauty of the gospel is that even among the most diverse groups of people, true unity can be achieved and lived out authentically. Join this cadre of panelists for a candid conversation on how diversity is God's good design and is used to reflect his glory and magnify his name.

Women’s Ministry in the Local Church

Courtney Doctor, Amy Gannett, Vanessa K. Hawkins, Karen Hodge

June 17 - 3:15PM

Women’s ministry in our local churches comes in many shapes and sizes. Some are well-established, others just beginning. Some are flourishing, others withering. Regardless of the joys or challenges facing the women’s ministry in your church, join us as we discuss ways we can bring the gospel to bear for the good of the women we serve.

Writing: A Conversation with Editors

Winfree Brisley, Lydia Brownback, Megan Hill

June 17 - 3:15PM

An editor is a writer’s best friend. Whether you are new to putting your thoughts on the page or have been writing for years, learning from an editor is one of the best ways to improve both your content and craft. In this session, three editors will talk about best practices for writing. From appositives to zingers, they’ll share what they’ve learned over years of helping writers to communicate well, and they’ll teach you to view your own writing with an editorial eye.


Round 6

Carved in Ebony: Lessons from the Black Women Who Shape Us

Jasmine Holmes

June 17 - 4:30PM

Their names may not be familiar, but history includes black women who were shining beacons of devotion. They changed laws, built schools, spoke to thousands, shared the gospel around the world. While history books may have forgotten them, their stories can teach us so much about what it means to be modern women of faith. Join Jasmine Holmes to learn about these women—God's image-bearers, carved in ebony.

Embrace Your Life: Finding Joy in a Season of Longing

Elizabeth Woodson

June 17 - 4:30PM

All of us live with some sense of longing—a dull ache constantly reminding us of the things our hearts desire that we do not have. Regardless of its object, any longing that persists over a prolonged period of time can be wearisome, leaving us asking: “How do I find joy in my life again?” In this breakout, we’ll discuss the freeing power of biblical contentment, exploring how we can find joy when the life we have is not the life we hoped for.

Holier Than Thou

Jackie Hill Perry

June 17 - 4:30PM

If God is holy, then he can’t sin. If God can’t sin, then he can’t sin against you. If he can’t sin against you, shouldn’t that make him the most trustworthy being there is? In this workshop, Jackie will walk us through Scripture, shaking the dust off of “holy” as we’ve come to know it and revealing it for what it really is: good news.

Leading a Small Group Bible Study

Winfree Brisley, Soojin Park, SharDavia “Shar” Walker, Ann Westrate

June 17 - 4:30PM

Small group leadership can be challenging! Most of us have experienced small groups where some women are too quiet and others struggle to stay on topic. This panel will discuss practical tips on how to effectively lead a small group, the aim of Bible Study, and its vital role in the local church.

Motherhood & Marriage: Balancing your Priorities

Caroline Cobb, Trillia Newbell, Ruth Chou Simons, Susan Alexander Yates

June 17 - 4:30PM

Guilt, discouragement, weariness, and despair are several of things we can battle as we balance motherhood and marriage. Of course there’s also joy, delight, eagerness, and…busyness. Hear from wives and mothers who are learning to balance these gifts with biblical truth and practical wisdom.

Navigating Divorce: Advice on Faithfully Walking Through the Unthinkable

Vaneetha Rendall Risner

June 17 - 4:30PM

Divorce can be excruciating on multiple levels. We want to navigate the fallout in a godly way, but the church rarely addresses how. Drawing on biblical insights and her own experience, Vaneetha shares what she learned as she walked that painful path and how God transformed her through it. If you are divorced, separated, or walking with someone who is, please join us!

People Pleasing: How to Say No

Amy DiMarcangelo, Jeany Jun, Mazaré, Kristen Wetherell

June 17 - 4:30PM

Do you want to make everyone happy and keep the peace? Do you hate being disliked by others? What is the heart idol that makes us want to please everyone? In this workshop, we'll explore the root of our desires to please others and consider how to reshape our understanding by viewing how God sees us.

Sex (It's OK to Talk About It)

Courtney Doctor, Rachel Gilson, Rebecca McLaughlin, Kori Porter

June 17 - 4:30PM

Sex. We don’t always talk about it in healthy, helpful, or grace-filled ways. Yet we all—married, single, young, old—face struggles and brokenness in our sexuality. Join us for a candid conversation on a wide variety of topics regarding a biblical understanding of sex and sexuality. Ultimately, we want to see how pursuing God’s good intentions for our sexuality leads not only to our flourishing, but also the flourishing of those around us.

A conference for women, about God.