An Important Update on TGCW20

Round 1

The Bible's Get-Rich-Slow Scheme: Growing a Life of Ordinary Faithfulness

Faithfulness to Christ flourishes when it is nourished by a long-term commitment to Bible-reading, prayer, and local church involvement. But ordinary, everyday expressions of faith can feel at odds with our culture that idolizes measurable, instant gains. When spiritual growth seems slow or when our faithfulness is threatened by doubt, suffering, waiting, or busynesss, we can still exercise perseverance because God is committed to our steadfastness. A lifetime of faithfulness to Christ can begin today!
Round 1

Don't Waste Your Singleness

Singleness continues to be misunderstood in some common and very serious ways in the church today. In this session we will examine some of these misconceptions and look at the surprising and positive things the Bible has to say on this topic, looking at how singleness can be an advantage in and pointer to the work of Christ.
Round 1

Fitting the Pieces Together: Understanding the Bible’s Big Story

Do you ever feel lost when you’re reading the Bible? This session seeks to explain how all of the smaller stories of Scripture are really telling one big, glorious story of how God rescues his people. Seeing how the pieces fit together will help you read and understand the beauty and continuity of the entire Bible.
Round 1

Help Me Find the Balance Between Work and Home

Whether you work at home, from home, or away from home, splitting your time and attention between tasks and children can feel like a math problem you never get right. Come and listen to this panel discussion as women share how they direct their hearts, structure their time, manage their technology, and adjust their expectations in a way that leads to flourishing at home and excellence at work.
Round 1

How to Train Women Teachers and Leaders in the Local Church

As complementarians, we recognize that God has gifted women in a variety of ways. When women are gifted to teach the Bible, how can we train them to serve in the local church? When women have gifts to strategize and plan and direct, how can we equip them? Come listen as Colleen McFadden and Taylor Turkington discuss ideas for equipping women in the local church.
Round 1

The Juice is Worth the Squeeze: Knowing Christ and Making Him Known at University

Campus life brings unique opportunities and challenges as you seek to know Christ and make Him known in an environment that may seem increasingly opposed to Christianity. But God has placed you at university for more than just a good education. In this breakout session we’ll explore God’s Word together to find that despite the discomfort, your spiritual maturity and evangelism on the campus can yield great nearness to God and lasting Kingdom impact.
College Track
Round 1

Learning from the Persecuted Church

For most of us, powerlessness is uncomfortable. Yet throughout history and today, God sustains the unseen and “powerless” to represent Christ who radically transforms all who believe on His name. Our unity and identification with the ongoing story of God’s people marks us as uniquely His, and provides an alternative witness to the world that prefers control through cultural or political power. Recognizing our role in God’s Story and our connection to the global Church shapes our identity, priorities, virtues and habits—particularly as we find ourselves in a world increasingly hostile to the true, transformative, and Biblical Christ.
Round 1

Navigating the Realities of a Ministry Marriage

Marriage is hard enough apart from the pressures of ministry. But pastors and other elders incur several particular challenges due to their calling to serve God in the local church. Two couples with experience in different countries, inside and outside the academy, and in big and small churches will share their wisdom and testify to God’s faithfulness along the journey.
Round 1

Public Speaking 101

Many faithful talks fall on deaf ears because we let our hearers tune out. Depressingly few linger in their minds after the fact. The Bible models a very different way. It’s authors and speakers insist we listen. This seminar is for women who currently teach or aspire to do so. It will introduce some key principles for keeping your hearers’ attention, moving them in the moment, and drilling your message into their minds.
Round 1

Risen Motherhood Live: Motherhood in a Media Age

These days, we can find many answers to motherhood in our earbuds, on our phones, and in our news feeds through an à la carte menu of content. But what happens when our on-demand consumption style doesn’t meet our expectations? Where are we supposed to turn for lasting hope? In this episode, Emily and Laura explore how to discern motherhood answers in a digital media age.
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Round 1

Steadfast Hope in an Anxious World

There’s a lot to worry about in this world, yet Jesus commanded us “Do not be anxious.” This panel will consider how to set our heart and minds on the promises of God when everything in us feels like anxiety is the only option. We’ll talk about how to have a calmed and quieted heart in spite of circumstances outside our control.
Round 1

Teaching Our Kids to Love the Local Church

The local church is the body of Christ and the place of his promised presence. We may know that, but do our children? When worship is long, when grown-up conversation seems dull, and when Sunday feels like an interruption, how do we encourage our children to love the church? In this workshop, we’ll explore how moms can help their children embrace the glorious privilege of life in the local church.
Round 1

Ten Words to Live By: Revisiting the Heart of the Law—and of Love

The Ten Commandments suffer from something of a bad reputation, often seen as the obsolete utterances of a thunderous, grumpy God to a distant and disobedient people. But they form a central part of what Jesus described as "the perfect law that gives freedom" and what David extolled as a source of delight. Explore the life-giving encouragement these Ten Words speak to God's children today.
Round 1

True Beauty in an Instagram World

The pictures we post on social media paint the image we want to share. Whether it’s deeply self-deprecating or picture perfect, it’s generally only half the story. This panel will look beyond the crafted tales and explore what is truly beautiful.
Round 1

Wisdom Planted Deep: Learning to Teach Proverbs

The wisdom of Proverbs is deep, beautiful, and practical-—but how do we study and teach it? How do we take account of the whole book, not just a smattering of themes? What's the gospel connection? How does Wisdom's voice pierce our hearts and pierce through the voices around us? We'll explore Proverbs aiming to take it in deeply and share it effectively with others.
Round 1

El chisme dentro de nosotras

La Biblia nos enseña que las palabras del chismoso son como bocados deliciosos; que penetran hasta el fondo de las entrañas. A pesar de lo común y sutil que el chisme puede ser no debemos olvidar lo pecaminoso y destructivo que es. En este taller estaremos viendo la anatomía del chisme y lo que la Palabra tiene que enseñarnos al respecto.
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Round 2

Compassionate Care in a #Metoo World

The #Metoo movement has exposed widespread sexual harassment and brought accountability to those who have misused power and authority. This breakout will provide guidance on how to love our friends as they share with us about past (or current) sexual abuse. We'll explore how to create redemptive communities where women can share their stories of abuse and trauma, and be compassionately helped in the process of healing and transformation available through Christ.
Round 2

Complementarianism in the 21st Century

We live in a culture that no longer allows for nuance or making of distinctions, particularly when it comes to men and women. This session will discuss complementarianism in the 21st century, considering the failure of complementarianism to capture the cultural narrative; some hopeful signs in the culture; and the biblical necessity of complementarianism. In addition, there will be a lengthy time of Q&A.
Round 2

Encouragement for Pastors' and Elders' Wives

Being a pastor or elder’s wife is a joy—and a challenge. Whether you are new to being a ministry wife or have been in that role for decades, you probably need encouragement. Focusing on the unique concerns of church leader’s wives, this panel discussion is an opportunity to learn alongside those who are co-laborers in gospel ministry.
Round 2

Experience God in Your Pain

Suffering touches all of us. God sometimes feels distant when we need him most and so it’s tempting to pull away from God rather than draw closer. What can we do to experience God’s presence more closely? A panel of those who have wrestled with suffering will share how they drew near to God in their pain and the ways that it has transformed them.
Round 2

A Gospel Fight: Dying to Sin Living for Christ

Jesus said “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me.” What does it look like for women who love God to fight sin in our everyday lives? This breakout session will consider the Gospel call to put to death the deeds of the flesh and live daily for Christ.
College Track
Round 2

How Our Secular Work Glorifies God

No matter what your day job, it can be hard to connect your work to your faith. Even those in ministry have to call vendors, write bulletin announcements, and answer emails. So how can you plug away at your everyday tasks in a way that honors God? Join Tim Keller, author of Every Good Endeavor, to consider how to faithfully serve God in all that you do.
Round 2

James: From Brother to Believer

James doesn’t trade on his half-sibling relationship to Jesus in introducing himself in his letter. Instead of calling Jesus his brother, he calls him his Lord, even though we read in the gospels that during Jesus' ministry, none of his brothers believed in him. In this session we’ll look at Jesus’ family—his ancestors, his parents, and his siblings—to see what they reveal to us about who Jesus is, and what it means to truly be in his family.
Round 2

Journeywomen Live: Mentoring Younger Women in the Faith

We’ve all heard we’re supposed to train younger women and make disciples of all nations, but what does that actually look like in the context of everyday life? How do we purposefully engage in mentoring relationships within our local churches? And how do we go about finding someone to mentor us as we do so? In this breakout, we’ll discuss the prescriptive and descriptive texts about mentoring and discipleship, how we as women walk in obedience to the Great Commission, and what this looks like in our everyday lives and in the context of the local church.
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Round 2

Kingdom Matters

What about our life outside of church and Bible studies? After we listen, take notes, do homework, learn . . . what do we DO? Jesus came bringing and proclaiming a kingdom. Kingdom citizenship is a broader assignment than simply being a ministry leader or a church member. Starting with the biblical gospel, how do we understand kingdom citizenship and its reach into all of life?
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Round 2

Leveraging Creativity for the Glory of Christ

J.S. Bach famously signed his compositions with the letters S.D.G.: Soli Dei Gloria, or, Glory to God alone. But how do we create for God’s glory alone? What are the spiritual practices that help guard against self-promotion? Further, how does creativity enhance corporate worship? How does it bridge connection to our irreligious friends and neighbors? In this panel discussion, we’ll begin visioning how human creativity through performance and art does good in the world.
Round 2

The Ministry of Reconciliation, Foster Care, and Adoption

Many of our cities and regions are filled with children and teenagers in the foster care system. As Christians, what does it look like to participate in the ministry of reconciliation where families are experiencing brokenness and pain? How does the gospel motivate us not only to take care of children, but to see these children as part of a wider family in which we have opportunities to point toward God's grace and love? This workshop will look at how the gospel comforts, provides hope, and sustains us in the difficult work of loving not just children who are "orphaned", but their entire family of origin.
Round 2

Mothering with Gospel Hope

Parenting is a beautiful call, a wonderful gift, and at times excruciating. How will our children turn out? Will we ruin them? These are a few of the questions our anxious minds wonder in our daily task of mothering. This panel will consider what God’s word has to say to us regarding our children and the hope we have in Jesus.
Round 2

On Crayons and Crying Wolf: The Moral Formation of Children through Stories

Stories form us for good and for ill. Some of the most powerful development in the life of a child happens indirectly as the stories he or she reads, hears, and watches shape the moral imagination. This workshop will consider how to help children develop a strong moral foundation through exposing them to stories that vivify a Christian worldview and reinforce what is true and beautiful according to God.
Round 2

Raising Minority Kids in a Multicultural Setting

Phillip and Jasmine are the parents of two young sons that they are raising in a multicultural setting. In this session, they will discuss the unique challenges they themselves faced in finding their home in the Reformed evangelical world, as well as how they hope to equip their sons to face these challenges. While they are far from experts, they realize that one of the most important elements in navigating these waters is frank, open conversation, and want to invite others to join in.
Round 2

Seeing Through Each Other’s Eyes: the Joys and Challenges of Cross-Cultural Friendship

The beautiful vision of heaven is that we’ll spend eternity in deep fellowship with others from every tribe, language, people, and nation. While we want to reflect the complexion of heaven in our relationships, cross-cultural dynamics can create barriers to deep and lasting friendship. Join us as we look at the beauty of cross-cultural friendships and discuss ways to minimize the barriers and create safe spaces for connection and growth.
Round 2

Sexuality, Identity, and Loving our Neighbor

Both within and outside the church, issues of sexuality are closely bound up with concepts of identity. We will think through a wise approach to these issues in a way that seeks faithfulness to Scripture alongside sensitivity to those for whom these issues are hugely personal.
Round 2

Truth Planted Deep: Exploring James’s Use of Scripture

James not only gives us profound ethical teaching, but he also models ways of interpreting, applying, and sharing the Scriptures through his own use of the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus. In this breakout, we’ll explore the richly diverse ways James uses Scripture, and consider how his use of Scripture sets an example for our own.
Round 2

Sabiduría en medio de la aflicción

Aunque muchas veces no hacemos la asociación, la sabiduría es un elemento fundamental en medio de la aflicción. Necesitamos sabiduría no solamente para tomar buenas decisiones o dar respuestas apropiadas, la necesitamos también para aprender a ver nuestra aflicción como Dios la ve y responder en base a ese conocimiento. ¡Acompáñanos a aprender en encontrar sabiduría de Dios en medio de la aflicción!
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Round 3

Becoming Bible Teachers: Sharing Truth Planted Deep

Do you want to teach the Bible? What do we do with the warnings in both Proverbs and James concerning the peculiar power of words? Out of what kind of heart-soil does wise teaching come? How and in what contexts should we seek training and experience? What does it look like to “work hard in the Lord” in Word ministry?
Round 3

“Can I Lose My Faith? Understanding Apostasy”

We all know people who seemed to be sincere Christians and then later reject the faith they once professed. How do we understand this phenomenon? Can people really lose their faith? If not, then why do we have so many warnings against it? This session will explore the complex issue of “apostasy” and its relevance for the modern cultural moment where so many seem to be leaving the Christian faith behind.
Round 3

Don't Ignore the Prophets: How to Approach and Apply Scripture's Prophetic Books

The prophetic books of the Old Testament both awe and intimidate us. The poetic language, broad historical context, literary devices, and seemingly bizarre imagery require a unique framework for interpretation. In this workshop, we will discuss principles for approaching the prophetic books of the Bible. This will include contemplating the at once present and future orientation of the text, rightly considering the promises of God to his covenant people, and discerning the final redemption to whom all prophecy points: the Lord Jesus.
Round 3

Forgiveness: The Hardest and Most Life-Changing Thing We Can Do

We know God calls us to forgive but sometimes it feels like an impossible task. From thoughtless comments to traumatic offenses, we often don’t want to forgive those who have hurt us and even then, we don’t know how or when to do it. Drawing from personal experience and biblical insights, we’ll explore what forgiveness is and is not, and how letting go of bitterness can lead to radical freedom and change.
Round 3

Gospel Unity and Ethnic Diversity

How do we live out the Bible’s clear call to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace (Eph 4:3)? In our relationships we can sometimes mistake unity for uniformity, peace for complacency or silence, real inclusion of diverse persons for mere representation of diverse skin colors. In this workshop, we will discuss how we might live as one body in Christ while also celebrating God's gift of diversity in the church and in our communities.
Round 3

Help Me Teach the Bible: Putting Together a Christ-Centered Bible Talk

You’ve been asked to give a Bible talk. So where do you begin? And how do you make sure you’re understanding and applying the passage of scripture rightly? How will you get to the gospel? To get the most out of this fast-paced practical session, participants are encouraged to try developing their own outline for teaching Numbers 6:22-27 prior to the breakout.
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Round 3

How to Read the Bible One to One

There is one common resource we can use to evangelize, disciple, and train in our local churches: the Bible. But it can be intimidating to know how to use the Bible well in these different settings. Reading the Bible One to One is the answer. We’ll explore the benefits of this helpful ministry and discuss practical ways to implement it.
Round 3

Jesus, Women, and the Race Set Before Us

In the Gospels, Jesus treated women in a way that was both deeply attractive and boldly counter-cultural in his own day—and which continues to be so today. We’ll consider what Jesus’s encounters with women tell us about his character and how setting our eyes on him enables us to run the race with endurance.
Round 3

Love Your Neighbor by Writing Well

Got a story to tell? Or a reflection to share? Or an article to write? Join TGC editors Megan Hill and Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra as they discuss best practices in writing: how to get your thoughts on paper, ways to make your writing cleaner and more creative, and the process for submitting your piece to TGC.
Round 3

Messy Beautiful Friendship: Learning to Love Others in a Christ-like Way

If friendship is a gift of grace, why do we struggle to find and nurture deep relationships? If we all desire rich community, why do we often experience loneliness instead? More than ever before, in this age of "followers" and "friending" online, we need an understanding of biblical friendship. Let's discover together the surprising thing that often hinders developing friendships, how to navigate relationships in a way that imitates Christ and honors God, and what biblical friendship looks like practically and realistically in our everyday, busy lives.
Round 3

Mothering in the Little Years: Principles to Practice in the Home

Mothering in the little years can feel like a never-ending rotation of spit up, tantrums, diapers, midnight feedings, and picky eaters. In the midst of a to-do list that never seems done, it can be difficult to find time to ask older moms for biblical wisdom and advice. This session will be a conversation between two moms of older children on the lessons they learned while parenting young children.
Round 3

News You Can Use: How God is Working Beneath the Headlines

We live in an outrage culture where "all the news that's fit to print" is often not fit for consumption. What does the Good News have to do with so much bad news? What's the news got to do with you? Explore some of the leading news stories of the day and learn how to become a more informed, encouraged, and biblically wise news consumer.
Round 3

Sexual Issues Women Face

When was the last time you attended a women's brunch addressing sexual issues? Most likely, you haven’t! This breakout will address a variety of struggles that women face when it comes to sexuality. We’ll discuss sexual temptations and the pursuit of sin, and the trauma of being sinned against sexually. Come listen in as our panel shares honestly about these tough topics, keeping our focus on Jesus and the hope we have in him for transformation.
Round 3

Stewarding Social Media Well

In our technological age, many are sounding the alarm about social media. Experts tell us that we’re becoming a distracted, shallow, jealous people. But given these perils, are there any promises in social media? Are there ways to redeem our use of Instagram? Can God’s mission be advanced on Twitter? In this panel, we’ll discuss the practices that keep us grounded in the desire for God’s kingdom coming—even as we pick up our smartphones.
Round 3

Turning Gospel Roadblocks into Signposts

Hard questions haunt our Christian lives. They hover at the edge of our vision and hamper our evangelism. Hasn’t science disproved Christianity? Isn’t Christianity homophobic? How can you take the Bible literally? Doesn’t Christianity crush diversity? How can you believe in a loving God in the face of so much suffering? In this seminar, Rebecca McLaughlin argues that when we look more closely, each seemingly devastating roadblock becomes a signpost to Christ.
Round 3

What’s Next? Discerning God’s Will

The late teens and early twenties are marked by multiple decision-making crossroads. The seemingly endless options for schools and majors, callings and careers, and communities and churches can have a dizzying effect. In a world obsessed with finding a sweet spot, the Scriptures have some surprising things to say about discerning God’s will. From seemingly small decisions to trajectory-altering choices, God has not left us without wisdom. Join us as we process God’s will theologically and proceed to practically unpack what this means, especially for the wet cement years of young adulthood.
College Track
Round 3

Women's Ministry in the Local Church

There’s a place for women’s ministry in the local church. Women have gifts to minister to each other, and the need for equipping, support, and education is evident. Yet, what does it look like to lead and support a women’s ministry? What are helpful structures to create and organic ministry to encourage? This panel will discuss the purpose of a women’s ministry and practical ideas for serving women well.
Round 3

La oración que Dios responde

Sabemos que la oración es una necesidad pero muchas veces no vivimos conforme a esta verdad. No somos consistentes en llevar una vida de oración y en ocasiones no sabemos cómo hacerlo. En este taller estaremos viendo la importancia de la oración para nuestras vidas y cómo podemos llegar a ser mujeres que oran conforme a la voluntad de Dios.
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