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Pastors are called to the ministry of the Word. They feed people the Word because that’s how faith comes and grows (Rom. 10:17; John 17:20). And pastors don’t just want sheep to listen to them read and preach it on Sundays; they also want them to read and meditate on it day and night throughout the week, to graze on God’s Word for themselves.

One way to encourage this is by reading God’s Word together. That’s why we at The Gospel Coalition have again partnered with Crossway to launch Read the Bible in 2021. The goal is to help individual Christians and churches read God’s Word faithfully next year.

Download the PDF Reading Plan

We’ll commit to reading the Bible following Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s plan, which will take us through the entire Bible in a year (including the New Testament and Psalms twice). If you’re a pastor or ministry leader, consider printing out copies to give away and invite others to join you as you commit to the reading plan.

Then subscribe to our daily newsletter with Don Carson’s devotional reflection that tracks the reading plan (For the Love of God, vol. 2). You can also subscribe to our podcast (Apple | RSS | Stitcher) reading of Carson’s reflections.

So we invite you—pastors and ministry leaders—to consider leading your churches to read God’s Word together in 2021. May the Lord bless our churches with more of him in the coming year.

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