Support The Gospel Coalition in training women to use Scripture for their own growth and for service in God’s kingdom—all for the glory of Christ.

“TGC is uniquely positioned to equip the women of the church with much needed and longed for gospel-centered training and resources. Our connected world offers a never-before opportunity to invest in and strengthen our sisters, in the U.S. and across the globe.”

Taylor Turkington, Director of TGC Women’s Training Network
The Problem
Christian women in the U.S. and all over the world desire to know how to study and share God’s Word.

In many places there are few, if any, theologically reliable, gospel-centered resources to help them grow. Most content developed for women is limited to a role-based or felt needs focus.

The Gospel Coalition wants to change this by training women to be grounded in Scripture, centered on the gospel, and equipped to serve.
The Solution
The Gospel Coalition seeks to provide robust teaching that is for women and by women, but not only about women or women’s issues. Through our unique Women’s Training Network, we offer biblical training to women around the world in their own languages, helping them disciple others and teach Scripture in the local church.

In 2019, we are investing even more in training, resourcing, and connecting women in the local church. The total cost is $475,000 to equip women through these programs next year:

  • Train: Lead over 4,000 women in the U.S. and Latin America through 11 training events.
  • Resource: Create 150+ new resources like study guides, 100+ articles, videos, and more.
  • Connect: Expand leadership network and develop 40+ trainers in the U.S. through train-the-trainer events and expositional teaching workshops.

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