Funds are needed to provide training events, books and resources which will be used at our training events and in local churches and then utilized throughout our Latin America network to strengthen and equip women of the church.
“TGC is uniquely positioned to equip the women of the church with much needed and longed for gospel centered training and resources. Our connected world offers a never-before opportunity to invest in and strengthen our sisters, both here and across the globe.” ~ Don Carson, President
The Problem
Nearly 85% of pastors in Latin America have no theological training. That means the majority of church leaders are not equipped to offer biblically faithful answers to common questions. Women are hungry for gospel-centered resources to help them in Bible study, discipleship, evangelism, and living for Jesus in all other areas of life.
The Solution
Over the next year, we are seeking $100,000 to provide training events and books throughout Latin America: equip 2,000 women through 12 training events in 10 countries, and give away 5 books in Spanish.

What we are Providing


We will bring 12 of the best women teachers from Latin America to the United States for a week of intensive training, followed by months of ongoing equipping and fellowship, so that they can reproduce these trainings all over the Spanish-speaking world.


We will host 12 events across Latin America, empowering women to bring gospel-centered teaching and discipleship back to their neighborhoods, families, schools, and Bible studies in parts of the world where theological resources are scarce.


We will give away 5 gospel-centered resources in Spanish written for women, providing these for no charge to every women at our events in Latin America.