We invite you to contribute towards Theological Famine Relief Projects for which funds are currently most needed.
In 2017 alone, TGC International Outreach distributed over 170,000 resources to more than 70 countries, in order to help equip church leaders around the world.
The Problem
75% of the world's Christians live in the Global South. Missiologists predict another 118 million people in the majority world will become Christians in the next decade. These believers will need equipped pastors and elders. 85% of the world's evangelical churches are led by pastors with insufficient training. There are millions of pastors in the world who don't have access to adequate theological education or resources.
The Solution
We partner with publishers all over the world to strategically select or translate titles based on the expressed needs of indigenous pastors, in the languages that will impact the largest populations. We then work with missions organizations, churches and nonprofits globally to get these free resources into the hands of the pastors who need them. As pastors and church leaders are fed gospel-centered, theologically sound “solid food,” they will be better equipped to lead and grow the Christians they shepherd.
The Gospel Coalition has distributed more than 1.2 million resources to 130 countries in a little more than a decade.
Ways to Help


There’s a growing demand for gospel-centered resources across the world. Help meet this need by making a generous gift. Every dollar you give creates resources for the theological nourishment of the global church.


Are you engaged in the Global Mission? Traveling abroad? Whether for missions, business or vacation, partner with us to deliver books to church leaders in that nation.


Go before the Lord and pray for the global church. Lift up the ministries that help to equip pastors and elders. Pray for specific countries that God places on your heart.