A Devotional Bible Study on the Book of James

Courtney Doctor

Faithfulness regardless of our circumstances. That’s what it means to be steadfast. But in a world where so much can undermine our faith or pull us off track, steadfastness is often a rare and elusive trait.

James longs for his readers to be steadfast. His letter meets us in our suffering and sickness, our trials and temptations, our wealth and poverty, our ups and downs. He confronts our sin, our speech, and our pride. He encourages believers to have a more resilient and concrete faith: not just to hear the Word, but to do it. He calls us to persevere in truth in a world of lies, to see that God’s steadfast love is ultimately the source of our steadfast faith.

This 8–week study of James provides:
•5 days of study each week—observing, interpreting, and applying the text
•Devotional commentary with space to journal your thoughts
•Memory verse each week
•Small-group discussion questions
•TGCW20 keynote teaching videos

In a fickle and wayward age, we need biblical wisdom if we are to stay the course and be steadfast saints. The book of James provides this wisdom, and 'Steadfast' will help you apply it.