Before You Lose Your Faith

Deconstructing Doubt in the Church

“I’m deconstructing.”

Yet another social-media post announces departure from the Christian faith. The cause could be sex, race, politics, social justice, science, hell—or all of the above. For many, Christianity is becoming implausible, even impossible to believe.

While it might be tempting to leave the church in order to find answers, ‘Before You Lose Your Faith’ argues that church should be the best place to deal with doubts. Featuring contributors such as Claude Atcho, Rachel Gilson, Jay Y. Kim, Brett McCracken, Karen Swallow Prior, Derek Rishmawy, and Jared C. Wilson, this book shows deconstructing need not end in unbelief. In fact, deconstructing can be the road toward reconstructing—building up a more mature, robust faith that grapples honestly with the deepest questions of life.

Ivan Mesa (ed.)


Introduction (Ivan Mesa)

Part One: Deconstruct Deconstruction
Chapter 1: Doubt Your Way Back to Truth (Trevin Wax)
Chapter 2: ‘Progressive’ Christianity Was Even Shallower Than the Evangelical Faith I Left (Ian Harber)
Chapter 3: Deconversion Is Not as Countercultural as You Think (Brett McCracken)
Chapter 4: Don’t Deconstruct—Disenculturate Instead (Hunter Beaumont)

Part Two: Deconstruct the Issues
Chapter 5: Sex: Telling a Better Story (Rachel Gilson)
Chapter 6: Race: Is Christianity a White Man’s Religion? (Claude Atcho)
Chapter 7: Politics: Just Servant, Tyrannical Master (Samuel James)
Chapter 8: Internet: Deconstructing Faith Online (Jay Y. Kim)
Chapter 9: Social Justice: Breakup or Breakthrough? (Thaddeus Williams)
Chapter 10: Science: Why Scientism Can’t Explain Morality or Reality (Keith Plummer)
Chapter 11: Anti-Intellectualism: We Must Ask Hard Questions (Karen Swallow Prior)
Chapter 12: Hell: Skeleton in God’s Closet? (Joshua Ryan Butler)

Part Three: Reconstruct Faith
Chapter 13: Embrace True Belonging in the Church (Jeremy Linneman)
Chapter 14: Sometimes People Don’t Believe (Jared C. Wilson)
Chapter 15: Take a Hard Look at Jesus (Derek Rishmawy)


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