The Author

Wes Pastor is founder and president of The NETS Institute for Church Planting. NETS has church plants in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, and is preparing to launch churches in Rhode Island and Connecticut. In 1992, Wes planted Christ Memorial Church, where he continues to serve as senior minister.

Church Planting as Spiritual Warfare

Plundering Satan's kingdom is the mission of the church and of the church planter.

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Church

Humility keeps the process of church discipline within the purview of love.

The Message Is the Medium: Gospel-Driven Church Planting

Editor’s Note: On October 10 and 11, The Gospel Coalition will join with 9Marks, Sovereign Grace Ministries and The NETS Institute for Church Planting

Sowing in Quebec for a Harvest in New England

And then it was . . . that the Spirit of God began extraordinarily to set in, and wonderfully to work amongst us; and

Preaching Hell in New England

If there be really a hell of such dreadful and never-ending torments, as is generally supposed, of which multitudes are in great danger—and into