The Author

Tyler St. Clair is the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church Detroit in Detroit, Michigan. He is married to his best friend, Elita, and they have five amazing kids. You can follow him on Twitter.

Church Planter, Don’t Despise the Mess

To this point in our young church, the funerals have outnumbered the weddings, and I’ve been to more arraignments than graduations.

Church Planter, Redefine Success and Seek Emotional Health

Don’t underestimate the emotional costs of church planting.

The Danger of ‘Hallowed Be My Name’

Tyler St. Clair preaches on the first line of

When Ministry Is (Way) Harder Than You Expected

My wife and I knew the cost would be

The Power of Patient Presence in Urban Ministry

Urban contexts are not blank canvases.