“The men I’ve known in my life that I most respect have been marked in many ways, but this they have in common: strong gentleness. They are strong men. They are not cowards. They are not weaklings. They are men of conviction who are covered with gentleness, and I feel welcome in their presence.” – Ray Ortlund

Sam Allberry and Ray Ortlund address gentleness as a necessary characteristic of gospel culture.

In this episode:

  • Introduction—favorite sitcoms (0:00) 
  • Let your gentleness be known to everyone (1:29)
  • Gentle people believe that Jesus is real (3:58)
  • Gentleness, sin, and politics (6:16)
  • Church as a shock absorber (12:24)
  • Gentleness when someone is wrong (16:31)
  • It matters for pastors, too (18:47)
  • It’s our superpower . . . (21:23)
  • . . . and it’s not an option (22:50)
  • Recommended resource: The Death of Porn by Ray Ortlund (26:32)

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