A discussion with Ed Copeland, George Robertson, and Sandy Willson

“What was the turning point in your congregation regarding race relations and multi-ethnicity?” That’s the question before George Robertson (senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia), Ed Copeland (pastor of New Zion Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois), and Sandy Willson (pastor of Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee) in this ten-minute roundtable.

Watch (or listen) to hear these pastors give firsthand accounts of racial transformation they saw the Holy Spirit bring to people in their churches. They reflect on the role friendship, expository preaching, prayer, leadership, and the ordinary means of grace played in breaking down cultural and spiritual barriers of race.

If you’re a church leader who longs for this kind of turning point in your own congregation, watch this video to learn from the experience of these three pastors, what you can do to promote ethnic diversity, racial reconciliation, and more.