Nothing on earth can match the unifying love meant to be found in the local church. Its theological and supernatural blueprints cannot be duplicated or outdone by today’s political and economic alternatives. When the church embodies the kind of “new humanity” the apostle describes (Eph. 2:15), we powerfully display God’s manifold wisdom to the surrounding community (Eph. 3:10).

In this new six-minute roundtable video, Sandy Willson (pastor of Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee) and Ed Copeland (pastor of New Zion Baptist Church in Rockford, Illinois) talk with Russell Moore (president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and author of Onward) about how the church visibly reveals the gospel’s unifying power and blesses the communities in which they meet. Christ’s bride has the unique opportunity to model God’s intentions for society and paint a compelling picture of justice and love in the public arena.

These TGC Council members also consider the biggest thing churches have to offer communities on racial issues, what we can learn from the African American church, and more.