The search bar is a spiritual battleground. But it’s one that many Christians have neglected, to the detriment to a questioning world. If you search on Google for “who is Jesus?” you’ll find some excellent websites like Crossway.org on the first page. But you’ll also find JW.org, which according to Amazon is the largest Christian website in the world. You heard that right. There are no ecumenical councils at internet headquarters to rule out heterodox groups like the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

According to Amazon, Jehovah’s Witnesses have the largest Christian website in the world.

That’s why The Gospel Coalition has launched a new campaign called Hope for the Searching, where we want to propel biblical, orthodox answers to the top of Google searches, whether those answers come from TGC or from our friends and partner ministries like Desiring God and Crossway. Joining me on this episode of The Gospel Coalition Podcast to discuss the search bar as spiritual battleground is TGC senior editor Brett McCracken. His sense of our current media landscape has inspired me with hope for God’s work in our day as we seek a digital reformation. I hear often from listeners of The Gospel Coalition Podcast, and I think this vision will inspire you as well, because we need your help.

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