Did anything good happen in church history from the time of John the Apostle dying to Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg? Can anything constructive come from engaging with those who preceded the Reformers? Unfortunately, this is a question far too many of us ask ourselves as we sift through the annals of church history.

In this new 8-minute roundtable, Ligon Duncan (chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary), Gavin Ortlund (associate pastor at Sierra Madre Congregational Church), and Andy Davis (TGC Council member and pastor of First Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina) discuss this question and more. They consider whether or not gospel-centered theology existed prior to the Reformation, how the Reformers engaged with theologians who came before them, and how early church fathers help modern believers grow not just in our faith, but in our understanding of basic Christian doctrines and the tremendous cost it took to defend them.

Watch this video to be reminded that the Holy Spirit has always been at work, raising up true children of God who teach gospel-centered theology in every generation of the church. This was true before the Reformation, and it remains true today.